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Member since aug 12, 2006, follows 0 people, 0 public groups, 11 public again--blackened beef tenders in debris sauce at paul prudhomme's restaurant,

Again--blackened beef tenders in debris sauce at paul prudhomme's restaurant, k-paul's louisiana kitchen; fried chicken at fiorella's; smoky seafood gumbo at

This is the website that tells you that maria is in fact awesome paul prudhomme's debris sauce. fettuccini alfredo sauce recipe. red onion sauce

On chartres st. for those not in-the-know, this is paul prudhomme's place. blackened in a cast iron sillet and served with k-paul's famous debris sauce.

I'm sure you've seen the rotund celebrity chef paul prudhomme on tv. the debris sauce accompanying the fillet was superb as was the trout.

Paul prudhomme was the first chef to introduce cajun and jambalaya to los angeles. dishes like the blackened twin beef tenders i ordered with debris sauce.

Famous establishment, original home of chef paul prudhomme. fried green tomatoes, beef with debris sauce, blackened tuna, and sweet potato-pecan pie.

Prudhomme's creations first-hand at k-paul's louisiana kitchen (416 chartres with "hot fanny" sauce and blackened twin beef tenders with debris sauce.

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